Monday, 8 October 2012

with Z.K. at Prague Fashion Weekend

My special project of this autumn was shown at Prague Fashion Weekend on Saturday 15th September.  I designed and manufactured a small collection of shoes for Zuzana Kubíčková fashion designer. Inspired by pearls, shells and ancient furniture this collection employs the technique of intarsia and wood bending.
Clothes and underwear by Zuzana Kubíčková
More photos of the shoes soon!

Na Prague Fashion Weekende som túto jeseň predstavila nový projekt, obuv- ktorú som navrhla a vytvorila pre Zuzanu Kubíčkovú a jej kolekciu "Stará škeble".
Foto: Petra Holubová
Foto: Vojtěch Kaštánek
Foto: Zuzana Serbák


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